I Don’t Crave Peter Obi’s Supporters; I Don’t Want Supporters Who’ll Suppress, Oppress People Like ‘Obidients’ –Sowore

A former African Action Congress presidential candidate, Mr Omoyele Sowore, has said he doesn’t crave the support of ‘Obidient’ Movement, the supporters of Peter Obi, a former Labour Party presidential candidate. 

The #RevolutionNow convener in a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria said he does not want supporters who will suppress and oppress people the way ‘Obidients’ do. 

Mr. Sowore noted that if he had to have supporters who would lead him to victory to govern the country, he would not want them to be people who cannot question him or who will package him to the world as what he is not. 

When asked if he felt embittered against Peter Obi’s popularity on social media, Sowore said, “This is the same narrative that I told you earlier. All these ‘dem say, dem say,’ can’t you guys just come out and say this is how you feel? I don’t have anything in common with Peter Obi. I do not crave his supporters.

“If I had to have supporters in this world who would lead me to victory to govern this country, I don’t want them to be people who cannot question me or who will package me to the world as what I am not. I don’t want those kinds of supporters.

“I don’t want supporters who will suppress and oppress people the same way these people are fighting our present people. I don’t wish for supporters who would go to the extent of even arresting people because they say something they don’t like on Facebook. I don’t want those kinds of supporters. I don’t want to be an ‘Obidient.’”

Speaking further, Sowore noted that “the word ‘Obidient’ in itself riles me that anybody would form an organisation that’s obedient during the period of oppression”.

“It’s like surrendering your sovereignty, in this case, your senses, to nonsense,” he added.

Stressing that he was not embittered against Obi, Sowore said, “Let me tell you, Femi Falana was defending the Labour Party during the same period we won our party back. We got a judgement that said the court cannot intervene in party matters, but it was not published. 

“I was the one who gave Femi Falana a copy of our own, which was published, that they used in arguing against the people who wanted to ensure that Obi did not run in the 2023 election.

“That was what won them the case, and he became a candidate. Otherwise, he would never have become a candidate. I’m just telling you this, and I’ve said it publicly; they can’t deny it.

“Femi Falana will tell you. You can call him, and he will tell you that’s what happened. We gave them our party’s judgement, made it available in the middle of the night, and they ran to court the next day and said there was a judgment from the Supreme Court.

“The judge ended that case right there based on that Supreme Court ruling, but at that point, it was unpublished.

“So, this is not the first time I will provide support to Obi. When Obasanjo tried to run him out of term in Anambra with Andy Uba, we were the same people who used Sahara Reporters to decode all their plans, which led to Obi being in office for eight years. I participated in that, and at the time, I thought Obi was genuine, but in subsequent years, I found that he was a fraud.”

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