Why I quit acting – Rita Dominic

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has revealed why she took a sabbatical from the screen.

The thespian said she gave up stardom in 2002 and moved to the United Kingdom UK, because she was dealing with personal issues.

She said while in the UK, she started working as a caregiver for adults with special needs.

Speaking at the 2024 Women of Valour Conference in Accra, Ghana, Dominic said while some might view her job as a caregiver as a “step-down”, she didn’t because taking care of others brought her joy and purpose.

She said, “In 2001/2002 I stopped acting. I left the [movie] industry and moved to London because it was a very dark period in my life. I fell out with some friends I considered family. And I just gave up acting for a while. I needed to get out of that space for a minute.

“And then I moved to London and gave up stardom. You won’t believe this, this is something I’ve never told people before. While in London, I was trying to make ends meet so I started working in a care home as a caregiver for adults with special needs. While some might view it as a step-down, I don’t. Taking care of others brought me joy and purpose at a time I needed it most.”