Why Lord Lamba isn’t the loser but Queen Mercy’s husband – Barr. Rita

While describing King David as a loser suffering from a ‘scarcity mentality’, a Nigerian woman weighs in on the trending saga between the duo, Queen Mercy Atang and Lord Lamba.

It would be recalled that some weeks ago, Queen announced her engagement to her partner, King David despite having a child with the notable skit maker, Lamba.

Barrister Rita argued that the mainstream media intentionally painted Lord Lamba as the loser, while Queen Mercy’s partner is suffering from a ‘scarcity mentality.’

She argued that Queen Atang gave her prime to Lord Lamba whom she loves but the skit maker refused to wife her for reasons best known to him. Hence she returned to ‘Mr Nice Guy‘ whom she had dated in the past and dumped despite having a child with someone else.

Her perspective on the saga has since sparked a wave of reactions from social media users who agreed with her while others condemned the take.

Reactions as Queen Mercy’s husband is described as a loser

olamat.pash penned: “As a man, Any decision wey be say na only Women dey hail and praise you, Omoh………”

ble_ssing_sunday wrote: “If you’re happy in ur marriage you wouldn’t set ringlight to talk about someone else’s marriage, go fix ur home ma’am.

realafolabii said; “Una don Dey mad for this internet…online family meeting on top people family matter….if you no wan get headache …why you deh worry about another person matter. 😂😂.”

shoplush_byyob opined: “Madam you need somebody to love you right …. You’re suffering from lack of love 😩😩.”

chrisbenemek said: “Women won’t like you because you just spilled a secret of what they are.. all what you said if truth they can continue crying, ITV’s good guys who are on this same path learn and run back asap.”