Lady discovers carpenter used juju to make her forget N700k advance payment to him for furniture.

A Nigerian Twitter user has shared details on a recent strange incident involving a lady and a demonic carpenter she hired for a job.

She stated that the young lady forgot that she had paid the carpenter N700,000 to make furniture and deliver it to her flat.

Her memory was jogged when a friend inquired about her furniture, so she visited his workshop and caught him with charms.

Anita shared a video of the woman and her companions discovering a startling array of fetish objects when they arrived at the carpenter’s workshop.

The woman said she had discovered that the man uses juju to make clients forget the money they paid him to complete tasks.

They could be heard angry and criticizing the man for engaging in such fetishistic behavior and using it to deceive innocent people despite being a pious Muslim.

The post reads; “Omoo! Someone paid a carpenter 700k for a job and forgot she paid him for months only for her friend to ask her about her furniture. They got to his workshop and saw charms everywhere. They said he used the jazz so people would forget their money with him. Ehh.”

Watch the video below: