NiMET forecasts continued high temperatures across Nigeria 

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) forecasts that the current high temperatures across the country will persist in the coming days.  

NiMET stated on Wednesday that air temperatures have reached 41°C in the North and 39°C in the South, according to the Agency’s official X (previously Twitter) account. 

  • “Air Temperatures hit 41°C over the North and 39°C over the South with model Projections indicating temperatures to remain high in the coming days,” NiMET’s X post read in part.  

Impacts of the high temperature and NiMET’s vital advisories 

NiMET’s post elaborated on the consequences of elevated temperatures for Nigerians, encompassing dehydration, which may lead to fainting; ailments such as chickenpox, measles, heat rash, weakness, slight fever, and dry lips; heat-related illnesses; respiratory problems; and heightened susceptibility to chronic conditions. 

NiMET also issued guidance for Nigerians on coping with the prevailing high temperatures in the nation. These suggestions encompass: 

  • Ensuring sufficient fluid intake. 
  • Seeking shade, utilizing fans, and opting for lightweight, breathable attire to minimize exposure to high temperatures. 
  • Refraining from strenuous physical activities during peak heat periods (Remaining indoors whenever feasible between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm).