Tobi Bakre gives reasons why his daughter must become a nun

Nollywood actor Tobi Bakre has disclosed that his daughter with his wife, Anu Bakre must be a nun when she grows up.

In the video, Tobi Bakre was seen cuddling his adorable daughter tight and tenderly admiring her beauty.

Tobi further joked that she won’t be permitted to get close to any guy and that she is destined to become a nun.

While the actor’s fun words were supposed to be lighthearted, they elicited reactions from netizens.

Some people voiced their opinions, noting the absurdity of Tobi, who is married to someone else’s daughter, proposing such a rigid course for his daughter.

@Essteetreasure: E reach your turn you say your daughter go be Nun abi? You lie”.

@Sweetkristy: Nun ke daddy? 😂😂😂 Biko let our baby grow up to be a beautiful baby girl with a touch of shakara abeg 😍😂”.

@Princessfolasade“Nun Oluwakamila 😍”.

@Florencechioma: “NUN abi NONE 🌚😂😂Baby’s actually cute tho 😍 Try marry fine partner o☺️”.