Let’s start with a simple fact that every believer must ALWAYS bear in mind – Jesus died and rose again to transform you into a NEW CREATURE.

This is why the Bible describes a believer in Christ as a NEW Creature (2 Cor 5:17). New means NEW! A dictionary definition of the word ‘new’ is ‘NOT EXISTING BEFORE’.

This means you are a type of creature that NEVER, EVER existed on earth before Jesus came into the world. Wow!

Transforming us into this New Creature is God’s supreme goal in Christ Jesus – so that we can become SPIRIT BEINGS that can truly worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).

This is what Jesus accomplished for us at Calvary. This is the essence of His finished work on the cross. Opening a NEW and LIVING way for man to have a relationship with God, and interact with Him on an intimate basis, through His indwelling Spirit.

In this sense, as a New Testament believer in Christ, you are NOT like ANY of the Old Testament saints.

You are NOT like Abraham. You are NOT like Isaac. You are NOT like Jacob. You are NOT even like David! And so on. Please, pause and let this truth sink deeply in your heart before you continue.

Yes, we belong to the Kingdom of God – just like the Old Testament saints. But, here on earth, in this New Testament era, we are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from them!!! (The focus here is on the phrase ‘New Testament era’.)

Please note this next point carefully. As New Creatures in Christ in this New Testament era, our lifestyles, our practices, our precepts, etc, are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from those of the Old Testament saints!

If we study the Bible carefully, we’ll discover several ways in which we are TOTALLY different from the Old Testament saints.

For instance, the concept of tithing was for them. It was an essential, non-negotiable aspect of the Old Testament. In contrast, tithing is definitely NOT a part of the New Testament that was procured for us by the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. More on this later.

To become New Creatures in Christ, our old form of life in this world died and was buried with Him (Rom 6:4, Col 2:12). In the resulting NEWNESS OF OUR LIVES, both we and EVERYTHING that we possess on earth belong 100% to the Kingdom of God!

This is why Jesus said a man CANNOT follow Him unless he FORSAKES ALL THAT HE HAS (Luke 14:33). Similarly, Jesus encouraged His followers to sell what they had and give to needy people (Luke 12:33). This is because, once a man comes to Christ, he becomes NOTHING (in himself), and he owns NOTHING (by himself).

Therefore, today, EVERYTHING that you possess (and will EVER possess) belongs 100% to the Kingdom of God. For this reason, you cannot give 10% (tithe) of what does NOT belong to you anyway!!! It is like trying to give 10% of the money that belongs to your neighbour! You can’t do it, because the money is simply not yours!!!

So, as a New Creature, God does NOT want you to give a tithe of your income. And, more importantly, God did NOT tell you to give a tithe of your income. Please, check throughout the Bible and you’ll NEVER, EVER find a single Bible passage that speaks of tithing in relation to a New Testament believer. I challenge anybody to provide one single verse. Just one. They’ll never be able to do so!

If tithing is an essential part of the New Testament, as most pastors drum into our ears today, AT LEAST one of the Apostles of Christ would have mentioned it in any of the Gospels or Epistles. None of them EVER did. And that’s simply because it is DEFINITELY NOT a part of the New Covenant in Christ Jesus.

(Please note that the Old Testament saints did NOT die in Christ in exactly the same way that we die in this New Testament era. Not even one of them.)

Now, let’s make progress. We said our income belongs 100% to the Kingdom of God. So, how then does God want us to disburse this income that belongs to His Kingdom? The Bible is very, very, very clear on what God wants us to do. It is written everywhere in the New Testament.

God expects us to take what is necessary to meet our needs (living as frugally as possible, according to the level of our faith). Then to give GENEROUSLY to our needy brethren, who are also fellow citizens of the Kingdom. Please study 2 Corinthians 8:13-15 on your knees, noting these words, “… equality… had no lack….” This is both the essence and the nature of the Kingdom of God among His people. ALL are equal. ALL have their basic needs met.

In addition to this, God also wants us to financially support the Kingdom labourers that are toiling in the fields for Christ’s sake. For example, missionaries, itinerant ministers, and so on. (Matt 10:10, 1 Cor 9:14, 3 John 1:5-8, etc)

Many believers of today will struggle to understand/accept this next truth. In the New Testament, God did NOT tell us to be giving the Kingdom’s money to the religious houses that men have opened today and erroneously label as ‘churches’! Clearly, these are NOT churches in the New Testament sense. (But that is another story for another day, God willing).

In the Book of Acts, the money that was laid at the Apostles’ feet was DISTRIBUTED to needy people – so that ALL the needs of ALL the members of the church were fully met (Acts 2:44-46). This is a practical demonstration of 2 Corinthians 8:14-15.

Also this, “Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that ANY OF THE THINGS THAT BELONGED TO HIM WAS HIS OWN, but they had EVERYTHING IN COMMON…. There was NOT a needy person among them, for as many as were owners of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles’ feet, and IT WAS DISTRIBUTED TO EACH AS ANY HAD NEED.” (Acts 4:32-35). Do you see the New Testament pattern as ordained by God?

As the Gospel spread beyond the Jews, whenever Paul the Apostle collected ANY offering, it was SPECIFICALLY and ALWAYS to meet the needs of the needy brethren in other locations! (Rom 15:26, 2 Cor 8:4, etc).

Please, never, ever forget this. As New Creatures, God does NOT CONSTRAIN us to give! Rather, He gives us the liberty to give according to our FREEWILL and according to our UNDERSTANDING of the grace of God in Christ Jesus (2 Cor 9:7, etc). This is how God treats us as New Creatures.

Of course, as we grow in Christ in the New Covenant, and understand our immense privileges as New Creatures, we’ll naturally give more and more. Give more to our needy brethren. And give more to the brethren that are labouring selflessly in the fields.

Why are all these very important to God? It is because LOVE is the hallmark of the Kingdom that we have been called into by grace. And SELFLESS GIVING TO NEEDY BRETHREN is the way that this love manifests itself most clearly. This is the point that John the Beloved was stressing in 1 John 3:16-18.

Thus, as believers spend their income in this world, it is this SELFLESS LOVE FOR THE BRETHREN that God wants to see in their hearts! Every single time. After all, all their income/resources belong to the Kingdom anyway. They are just mere stewards of these resources on behalf of the Kingdom.

Brethren, THIS is the will of God for New Testament saints! Please read it up yourself. It’s all there in your Bible!!! In several verses and passages. Both in words AND in practice.

The ghost of the Old Testament tithing system that pastors have selfishly exhumed today is DISTORTING and FRUSTRATING the plans and purposes of God in training the hearts of believers in the ways of the Kingdom. Particularly, in the way of meeting the basic needs of ALL the citizens of the Kingdom that are looking up to God to meet such needs DAILY.

If we do not focus our attention 100% on this revealed will of God, and continue to give tithes/offerings (first-fruits, redemption offering, etc) as we do today, we are simply INSULTING the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary!

Not only are we DISTORTING the eternal ways of the Kingdom of God, we are ALSO implying that the finished work of Christ is NOT enough for our justification with God! So, we think need to ADD some of the EXPIRED tenets of the Old Testament before we are justified with God. And before we qualify to dwell with Him in eternity. Do you remember the popular pastor who said believers that do not pay their tithes will NOT enter heaven, full stop?

Any believer that joins them in insulting the finished work of Jesus in this terrible way is standing on EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ground! Along with the numerous ‘general overseers’ and ‘pastors’ that are deceiving believers in this ungodly manner today.

All because of money! All because of mammon!

One day, perhaps soon, both THE GIVER and THE TAKER of tithes will give account for insulting the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary in this cruel way.

“For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries…. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Heb 10:26-27, 31)

Thanks for reading, God bless you.

PLS NOTE: This article is NOT condemning the Old Testament in ANY way. God forbid!!! It is simply stating that, in Christ Jesus, God has called believers to a NEW and LIVING way – because we have been transformed into New Creatures. Therefore, whenever we read the Old Testament, we must ALWAYS interpret it in the light of the New Testament. To go against this principle is to TRAMPLE on God’s New Testament. A terrible sin.


Source: Church Watch in Nigeria