Spyro recounts how he went on his knees in public to beg an influencer to promote his song but refused

Spyro has disclosed how he went on his knees to beg an influencer in public to help him promote his song “Who’s Your Guy” but he refused.

During an interview on “teawithtaypod” with Taymesan, well-known Nigerian musician and songwriter Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, better known by his stage name Spyro, disclosed that before he released his hit song, he sought the help of a popular influencer to help promote the song but was turned down.

The vocalist of “Who is your guy” brought up this point when discussing how Craze Clown helped his song become viral.

He added that he had asked several influential people to help him market his music, but they had turned him down.

He recalled the incident by saying that Craze Clown liked his song, gave it free promotion on all social media, and eventually led people to believe it was his own.

He said,

“While I was performing I saw Craze Clown vibing to my song, after performing I met with him and we exchanged contact, so we decided to meet up I went to his house for one reason or the other, he kept listening to the song continuously. Before you know it he started creating TikTok videos back to back with the sound.”

“He was aggressive with posting to the point that he was making videos more than me and at some point people thought it was Craze Clown’s song, he didn’t charge a dime to promote my song. I’ll go to his house he will still serve me food.

“All the influencers I constituted a nuisance to, for them to help me, but the help didn’t come from there, I literally knelt for an influencer in front of foodies one day, and I’ll never forget and he still didn’t help me.” [sic]