Nollywood movie costumier allegedly rapes 10-year-old girl on movie set

Nollywood movie costumier identified as Prince has reportedly raped a 10-year-old girl on a movie set in a hotel in Asaba.

According to reports. the movie costumier was asked to escort the 10-year-old girl into the changing room to change for the second scene.

The producer, director, and everyone on set reportedly waited for over 30 minutes and neither the costumier nor the girl was out.

The director who was worried about the delay then sent one of the people on the set to check them up. The messenger upon getting close to the room heard the child crying with the gate locked from inside.

The messenger however forced the door open and found the little girl who had been raped crying and shivering in the room with blood all over the floor.

This is what happened:

So he took the young 10yr old girl into a room to change for her next scene. The producer, director and everyone on set watched a male costumier carry a female minor alone to watch her undress and dress up unaccompanied. No female props member whatsoever when the little girl’s parents have entrusted their child in the hands of the executive producer and the producer.

Well fast forward, they waited for over 30 minutes and neither the costumier nor the girl was out and it was delaying the scene.

So the director asked that one person should go and tell the costumier to hurry so they can continue shooting as it was already evening.

When the person got there, the door was locked and the little girl was heard crying and it sounded as someone was blocking the sound of her cry with her hand or something. The person even called out the customier and asked if everything is okay and he said yes and that he’s alimony done and the girl will be out shortly. The locked door gave this person concerns so he forced the door opened and lo and behold, there was bl00f everywhere with the girl shaking and crying.

It turned out this minor is a virgin and the id!ot r@ped her aggressively.

The little girl explained that when they got to the room, the b@stars asked her to undress so she can change into the next dress for the scene. As soon as she undressed, this cr!minal started touching her inappropriately and pushed her to the ground and forcibly inserted his gbola.

God! I have seen videos of the little girl crying and looking so traumatised. I couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds.

Also my other rage is that why is the producer and even the women actors on set allowing this girl to be filmed and circulated? In one of the videos, I saw another male whose face did not show very well but I could hear his voice, literally filming the little girls v@gina with the bl00d.

Disgusting fellows, why are you all doing this to the little girl? Why? Why? Why?