Dollars will rise to 2,500 before March,prophet Rittabi’s new year prophecies.

Prominent Nigerian cleric, Prophet Ritabbi, has disclosed “what God show” him concerning the year 2024 reports that Ritabbi predicted further hardship for Nigerians as the world welcomes the new year The cleric said government schools would shut “because there would be no money to pay teachers”

Jos Plateau state – Founder of Christ as of Old Ministry, Prophet Ezenwa George Ritabbi, popularly called Prophet Ritabbi, has said 2024 will be born-again Christians’ “year of years”.

Prophet Ritabbi, in a video shared recently via his church’s Facebook page,, said 2024 will be an exceptional year for true Christians.

‘2024 would be terrible for others’ – Ritabbi The Plateau-based cleric claimed whatsoever believers have not achieved in their previous years would be accomplished in 2024. He, however, predicted hardship for some people.

Prophet Ritabbi said: “I told you people in the middle of this year (2023) that next year (2024) would be one of the worst. But those that are under this grace, that walk in righteousness, it shall be easy. That is where Malachi 3:17-18 will come. “I was telling them the prophecy of what will happen in 2024. I told them that Bola Tinubu (President of Nigeria) would sell Nigeria and collect money. “You must be born again to see again. This is not the time I will be telling someone again to repent. Now, it’s a must, or you perish.”

“You will have your money, your money will be useless; many companies will fold; parents will call PTA meetings and say we cannot afford this (school fees). I saw all these things. “To build a four-bedroom flat would cost you what they used to build a 20-storey.

“You are crying now, but dollar would go to N2,500. “I’m telling you the gospel truth. I saw it. You have money in the bank, you can’t take it again; they’ve frozen it. “They introduced another new money. New money printed, just to hijack people’s money again in the bank. “Every commodity is shooting up times 10. Building materials will be something else. Watch Prophet Ritabbi’s full prophecy below: