“I praised natural hair but the host wanted me to say something controversial for views” — Khloe lambasts podcast crew

Reality TV star, Koko by Khloe has addressed backlash following her controversial opinion on natural hair on the Bad and Boujee podcast.

The ex-housemate has been under heat from many Netizens after she opined that natural hair should not be worn to public places.

Retracting the statement, Khloe claims that she actually praised natural hair but the show host wanted her to say something controversial for views.

She further promised to sue the podcast as she had initially begged them to change the content and she was promised adjustments would be made but they chose to leave it that way to malign her image.

In her words;

“I support natural hair and I have nothing against it, as have it myself, and so does my sister, mother and majority of my friends. I never spoke negatively about it, I only shared my personal view/ opinion on wearing it every day. In fact, I did praise natural hair, but the show hosts wanted something more controversial for views and at my detriment.

Even the producer was concerned people would think I was against natural hair, So I suggest we changed topics to avoid causing harm. The producer promised to address the issue later and alter the narrative. One of the hosts complained to the producer that why is she making me conscious of what we were saying, which made me realize the true nature of the show.

Regarding the show and the producers, I’ll be getting back to you, but this time my anger is that I previously stated and pleaded (with receipts) that I no longer want my face on the show and I don’t want to be associated with a particular individual on it, but my requests were overlooked and my consent completely disregards. Ild also be taking actions in this regards.

I Apologies to my natural hair girlies and community, I didn’t mean to slight or disrespect anyone in anyway.. I advocate for beauty at every standard.. I understand that the show and blogs need to cater to their audience, but I refuse to be used as another punching bag for their malicious and vile strategy/ objectives.

I am so sorry 🙏❤️
Forgive me Gang😍”