“When I lost my virginity, I told my mother” – BBNaija’s Doyin.

Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, a Big Brother Naija reality show star, has stated that she notified her mother after she “lost” her virginity. She said she informed her mother it was a bittersweet experience and gave her some tips on how to make coitus more enjoyable for herself.

Doyin stated in the latest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, aka Nedu, that most parents do not discuss s+x education with their children, stressing that such children are frequently misled by outsiders due to a lack of communication between them and their parents.

She said: “When I lost my virginity, I spoke to my mum about it. I said, ‘Mummy, this thing [coitus] did not feel this way.’ And we had a conversation. She was like, ‘Okay, this is what you should do. Do you use a condom?’

“Parents need to create that kind of environment where their kids can open up to them. There’s nothing I cannot say to my mum. I wasn’t enjoying s+x for a while and I told my mum. I asked her, ‘I’m circumcised?’ Because I read somewhere that if you’re circumcised, you won’t enjoy s+x. And she was like, ‘No.’ She didn’t make me feel bad about it. She suggested things I should do to me.

“So, it [s+x education] starts from the house. Parents need to create that kind of environment where their kids can speak to them about anything. At the end of the day, it’s either they’re speaking to you or they’re speaking to someone else.”