Funke Akindele and ex husband JJC Skillz in good spirits at movie premiere

The co-parents seem to be getting along swell, despite what the public thinks.

Nollywood producers and ex-partners Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz were spotted exchanging warm hugs and dancing together at the premiere of their movie She must be obeyed.

In the videos captured at the event, the ex-couple seem to be having a great time at the premiere of the movie they directed and produced before their messy divorce in June 2022. Upon spotting each other, they excitedly greeted themselves and danced together before engaging in brief conversation beaming smiles. Their brief exchange was to the delight of those present, as well as their fans online.

Akindele and Abdulrasheed Bello were married between 2016 and 2022. Before the dissolution, they were two peas in a pod constantly in their happy love bubble in public. They welcomed a set of twin boys in 2018 who had since been kept out of the public eye, that was until their marriage started crashing.

Both Bello and Akindele were once married and separated before finding each other, and Bello had a son named Benito from his previous marriage. Benito was the one who took to social media to let the public know that Akindele’s marriage to his father was falling apart, dragging her in the process.

Funke Akindele's kids photos were exposed by Bello's ex-wife

After the initial damage control on both ends, Bello soon announced that their marriage had ended via his Instagram account. He also added that there had been issues in their marriage and that they had separated for three months before the eventual dissolution.

Despite their marriage hitting the rocks, the two seem to have been on good terms, following each other back on Instagram and all. Bello even personally sent his condolences to Akindele after she announced the loss of her mother in February 2023.

The ex-couple appears to be focused on co-parenting their sons, proving that an amicable relationship is possible after divorce.