Cardi B Says Her Multi-Million Mansion Is Haunted by Ghost Who Wants to Sleep With Her.

Celebrated US rapper Cardi B has revealed that her Los Angeles home is haunted by a presence that she fears for her safety.

The mother of two even recounted eerie incidents, including mysterious sounds and a phantom fly in the house

Cardi, 30, shared her spooky experiences during an Instagram Live session. “I’m so alone in this house with this ghost that clearly wants to f-k me,” she said.

Cardi B narrates chilling encounter with ghost The Bongos singer recounted a recent encounter, saying that she heard a mysterious buzzing sound akin to a fly after getting out of the shower and lying on her bed.

Despite searching for the source of the sound, Cardi could not find anything. She then heard strange noises in the hallway, which sounded like someone talking on the phone. “And I get out of the shower and I lay on my bed. I start hearing a ‘zzzz’, like a fly sound. Bro, I haven’t been able to find the f—king fly. I started hearing this sound in the hallway. It sounds like somebody’s on the phone.

Cardi even called one of her security guards to investigate, but the sound disappeared before they could identify its source. “Tell me how the sound is gone. It’s gone out of nowhere. All I’m saying to you is that there’s a ghost or spirit in this house,” she said.

What happens when Offset is around? The superstar stated that the ghostly encounters seem to occur when her husband, Offset, is not around. “Because when Offset is in this house, nothing ever happens! But, when I’m alone, it always wants to f–k with me. Mind you, when I’m in the house in Atlanta or New York, there’s nothing. But this house, it’s always some weird vibe when I’m here,” she added.

Cardi said she’s ready to relocate to a hotel. Cardi B hints at 1st wedding with Offset after 5 years of marriage earlier reported that Cardi B and Offset have been together for years, and the couple never had a wedding. The Bodak Yellow rapper reminded everyone that she did not have a formal occasion for their union and now wants to do something about it. Cardi B showed signs that she was ready to have the official event confirming her as a married woman.