Mohbad’s last studio moment singing ‘medicine after death’ trends online

Netizens left emotional as video of Mohbad’s last studio moment recording his last song ‘Medicine after death” surfaces on social media.

Mohbad’s death has left a big sore on the hearts of those who knew him in life and those who got to hear of him after his demise.

Following his death, he had amassed a quick recognition and success in his music as many fans round the world began celebrating him.

A new video which surfaced online shows the heartbreaking moment he’s seen at his studio, singing “Medicine after Death”.

In reaction, montage_taylor_afrikaa wrote: “That’s Zoro track on his upcoming ep, which he has postponed and he said every streaming proceeds of the track will be given to Mohbad’s son.”

flimzy_og____ wrote: “@zoroswagbag when’s this hit ey dropping”

teehigh36 wrote: “This guy don know say he go died tbh”

ubiee_of.uyo said: “Listen to the lyrics, I borrow money buy you bone straight “sounds like it’s to his wife hmm”

ne_r_o said “My question i so Mohbad won’t exist anymore…. Like what’s the point of living when once death comes, no more existence forever..This death thing ehn, make God change am, dey give us 2-3 chances to wake up back ….Rest in Power Imole”

ubiee_of.uyo wrote: “Listen to the lyrics, I borrow money buy you bone straight sounds like it’s to his wife hmm”