My marriage is sweeter than what you see online – Regina Daniels

She attests that her current lifestyle with her billionaire husband is simply a ‘comfortable’ one. Nigerian actress Regina Daniels describes what her marriage to 62-year-old Ned Nwoko is like, and she notes that it’s better than the online perception.

During a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, she stressed that unlike what people on social media think, their marriage is solid and her husband joins her in laughing when reading people’s assumptions online.

The 22-year-old said, “Truly, he’s the real Odogwu, and our marriage is sweeter than what people see online. Sometimes when I see people’s comments online saying ‘I’m sure this isn’t how they are at home, my husband and I read those comments laughing and thinking ‘If only they knew how it is inside our household.'”

Going on, she spoke about her stress-free lifestyle, due to being married to Nwoko. She stated that her husband gets her everything she asks for and she does not need to do any household chores or cooking because they have domestic staff. Daniels added that when she attempts to do any chores, her husband stops her and according to her, her lifestyle isn’t luxurious, it’s ‘comfortable’.

In her words, “Anything I want, I always get it. Even when it comes to cooking, if I decide that I want to cook, my husband would even reprimand me for cooking and ask me to leave the kitchen. Even if I decide that I want to sleep for a week, I can because that’s how it is. It’s a comfortable lifestyle and a loving one at that.”

Daniels also stressed that she doesn’t care about people’s opinions of her marriage because she is happy and is being treated well, adding that he is a good husband to their children. Going further, she noted that contrary to what people on the internet think, she and her husband live together and sleep in the same room.

Nwoko and Daniel’s controversial marriage took place in 2019 and was the talk of the social media space for days after; especially because Daniels was only 19 years old at the time. According to Nwoko during an interview with The Guardian Nigeria in 2022, he has six wives, of which Daniels was the last.

Between 2019 and 2023 the pair welcomed two sons to the world, both of whom were born on the same day two years apart.