Here is why Iyabo Ojo does not like to grant interviews

She prefers to have anything that would be put out there done by her. Iyabo Ojo, a veteran of Nollywood, revealed that she dislikes giving interviews because she dislikes having her words taken out of context.

This was stated by the actress during a chat with Toke Makinwa on her most recent podcast episode. She emphasised at the start of the interview that this was the first podcast she had ever been on because she had turned down previous invitations.

Ojo attributed her stance to the countless times her words during interviews were taken out of context or misrepresented, which she claimed had a significant impact on her.

She said, “I have turned down so many, for me my controversies started when I granted a lot of interviews back then and a lot of things were taken out of context and it kind of affected how I feel. So because of that I just don’t like to grant interviews. A lot of times you say one thing and the blogs are putting out another thing and you’re like ‘That’s not what I meant’, but how many people do you want to start explaining yourself to?”

Going further, Ojo noted that she prefers to tell her stories herself on her page or social media pages, to avoid being misunderstood. She stressed that she is not a fan of how some blogs twist her words from her interviews to suit a narrative, so she decided to stop granting interviews.

“I like to tell my stories myself and I tell them how I want them and you pick it from my page or how I’ve been able to tell my story. Then I know it’s coming from me. The blogs mislead the people and that just discouraged me, like I can’t be doing this,” She continued.

The actress also stressed that she does not grant interviews because she’s usually booked and busy and does not have the time.