Here is how Adekunle Gold and Simi are raising their daughter

AG Baby states that his happy place is wherever his family is, Nigerian musician Adekunle Kosoko, aka Adekunle Gold, is raising his daughter like a queen.

Speaking to media personality Tayo Aina who spent 24 hours with him, the singer described what fatherhood means to him and what it’s like raising his daughter, Adejare.

He noted that he and his wife, Simi, plan to raise her like a queen and ensure that she never lives the life of struggle that he did growing up.

Gold said, “It is a huge responsibility, one that I love by the way, knowing that I have this huge responsibility to raise a queen. My family is my centre, I told you before. You know that you asked me where I’m happy, my happy place, it’s where they are. That is the reason why I’m hustling hard men because this girl, the life that I lived growing up, she can’t do the same. That’s the reason I’m dropping school fees music for you people.”

Going on, Aina asked Gold how he juggles raising their child with stardom, given that his wife is also a superstar. The singer esponded with a smile noting that the fact that they’re both musicians makes it more beautiful.

He added, “I think that’s why it’s even more beautiful because I don’t have to do plenty of explaining because she understands and I understand as well. If she needs to go somewhere we shuffle it, like right now she is in Lagos working. Thankfully we have family around to help with Deja.”

He expressed his happiness about the fact that he and his wife are thriving, despite their different schedules, and how they are both able to parent their toddler.

Gold and Simi lead such a private life that the day they got married in 2019, it was only speculated that they were tying the knot. On top of that, the pictures from their nuptials were not released until they were ready.

Similarly in 2020, they kept the news that they were expecting a child under wraps until it was announced in Simi’s Duduke video. The couple did not disclose that Deja was born until a week after Simi gave birth, and the public did not get a glimpse of their child until May 2021 when Simi posted the beautiful pictures to her Instagram.

See Tayo Aina’s video with Adekunle Gold below: