“Show ur papito face na”- Netizens react as James Brown flaunts his mystery lover

James Brown, has sent shockwaves through the internet as he shared intimate photos of himself and a mysterious lover on his Instagram page.

The self-proclaimed “Duchess of Africa” captioned the photos with the endearing term.

He wrote;

Good morning from Princess & Papito,” 

Known for his flamboyant persona and vibrant presence on social media, James Brown has built a significant following with his entertaining posts and unabashed self-expression.

His latest post, however, has taken his fans by surprise, as it appears to reveal a romantic connection with the mystery man referred to as “Papito.”

In the photos, James Brown and his companion are seen in various loving poses, suggesting a close bond between the two. The man’s identity remains a secret, leaving fans curious about the nature of their relationship.

Netizens Reactions…

@natasha Bank wrote; “Show ur papito face na. My BF traveled since last month now, and I’m suspecting something”

@Bethy Boi wrote; “Make Papito no suffocate o”

@Nurse wrote; “This new Papito from Iraq

@Gracious Brown wrote; “My sister don love

@Nefisahh wrote; “Another Papito trying to get down senior man way he Papito to another lady. James I greet you in Spanish”.

See below;