Hilda Baci has a word for Nigerians trying to beat her record

According to her, no ill feeling about people trying to beat her records and no new record holder can be announced until a year after.

Hilda Baci, Guinness WorId Record holder, says she is glad that her feat has inspired more young Nigerians to start businesses and break records.

Baci spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, while displaying her culinary skills to raise one million Naira to assist and empower a widow to be self-reliant.

She told NAN that her love for widows made her to support the initiative organised by The Duke of Somolu Productions, a theatrical play producing outfit.

“There is still so much to be done when it comes to supporting widows. There is need to get them employed, give them words of encouragements, create empowerment and also teach them how to grow their businesses.

“However, it does not necessarily have to be cash all the time, but there is so much to be done for the widows.

“They need to be shown love and kindness. We also need to show them that it’s possible for them to move beyond their present state.

“They still have to move forward because the tragedy of losing one’s love can lead to a space of depression, so much that one forgets what one is capable of doing.

“If they are getting constant encouragement and there are reminders that they still have so much to look forward to, the sky will be their limit,” she said.

On other young Nigerians who are following her footsteps and trying to beat her record, Baci said that the development had brought out the best in some people, especially the youth.

“I think it’s a good sign because this is more of positive development. For me, it is not negative. I honestly think it is positive because my effort is successful and well done, that is why people are coming up.

“That is why a lot of people are now trying to push through their limits and push through their boundaries to break records in several fields.

“I know what is published on the social media is that a lot of people are trying to break record, but the truth is that other people are now being inspired to start businesses and break records. It is a good indication that I did something good.”

According to her, no ill feeling about people trying to beat her records and no new record holder can be announced until a year after.

NAN reports that the Guinness Book of Records is updated annually.

“Now that everyone is trying to beat me, I don’t mind, I have already broken the records and they should try and break the records too.

“I set out to achieve something, I have achieved that and now it is time for other people to try. I don’t have any ill feelings, neither am I bothered. So, it’s time for others to try,” she added.

Meanwhile, Joseph Edgar, Chief Executive Officer, The Duke of Somolu Productions, said that the initiative, which had been running for the last three years, had raised more than N10 million for deserving widows.

Edgar said he decided to bring Baci on board to raise more funds because of her strong goodwill, clean image and her love for the widows.

He said that the initiative had already raised 10 million before this year’s exercise, out of which N5 million was raised by the foundation and the remaining from the general public.

He explained that between the period he celebrated his birthday this year, the foundation had also raised N4 million for some widows.

“This year, we have raised four million Naira and had given out three millions Naira to three windows. We gave N100,000 each to 10 widows, and one million Naira to three widows respectively,” Edgar said.

On her part, the recent beneficiary, Abosede Oladunjoye, said that she never expected the support and it really came as a suprise to her.

Oladunjoye, while appreciating the initiative, said she would use the money judiciously.

The widow, who lost her husband 12 years ago, said she works as a nanny in a private nursery and primary school.

According to her, she currently has an accomodation challenge but with the support, she is sure of solving the problem because the money came in so handy.

Also, son of the beneficiary, Ayo Oladunjoye, said he was initially skeptical about the whole thing when a call was put through to his mum.

The 16-year-old boy said he had to follow his mum to receive the cheque because they were not told why exactly they were invited to the event.

He, therefore, appreciated the support and initiative to help widows who are in need.