“Skit makers are not ‘ritualists or Yahoo boys’” ― Nasty Blaq educates Nigerians

Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, aka Nasty Blaq, who’s one of the most popular skit makers and content creators in Nigeria has tackled some Nigerians who are always quick to tag successful skit makers as fraudsters and ritualists.

Nasty Blaq who was furious in his post on Insta-story stated that fans enjoy their skits but don’t want them to enjoy their lives in luxury.

Comparing comedians with musicians, Nasty said if musicians can acquire expensive cars and house within one year of being popular why criticise skit makers when they do the same.

Nasty Blaq wrote: “Sometimes I feel some fans just want make we dey give dem joy but make joy no reach our own life.

“I don’t understand how somebody do skit for over 5 years and finally e buy car, you open your mouth say na ritual and yahoo.

“Seyi Vibez never reach one year wey e blow e don buy house/car and everybody congratulate the guy. Skit maker do the same thing in 3-4 years una go say na yahoo and ritual.”

In related news, Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, aka Nasboi, has revealed that creating content as a skit maker is not easy and he gets emotional and cries most times when he does not get ideas for more than three weeks.

Nasboi while featuring on TVC’s programme, ESplash, recently stated that getting ideas for content isn’t easy for him despite being multi-talented.

Nasboi said, “I don’t have scriptwriters. All my skits are my brain work. Everything is me.

“People make it look like, ‘you are so talented, it [inspiration] just come.’ It’s a lie o.

“Sometimes, I could stay like three weeks and I don’t get a single content. A lot of people are not so emotional, my emotion is on the high side. So, when I don’t get content, I cry. I’m not lying to you. It gets that bad. I feel like, ah! Dem don collect my talent. Two weeks and nothing is funny to me. It happens.”