The bullet came from a place far from my wife’s shop – Father of two year old boy allegedly killed by stray bullet fired by NDLEA officials speaks

Mr. Fidelis Omorhina, the father of the two year old boy, Ivan Omorhina, allegedly shot dead via a stray bullet fired by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA Okpanam in Oshimili North Local Government Area of the state, has said that wife’s shop is far from where the bullet was fired.

In a chat with activist, Marvin Mordi, the distraught father said his family routine is for him to pick his children from school and then drop them in his wife’s shop and in the evening when he is done with work, he returns and takes everyone to their home which is just five-minutes apart.

Fidelis said on the day of the incident, he had dropped off his two sons with their mum and had left when he received a distress call from his wife asking him to return immediately as something bad had happened. He said he rushed out and was heading to his wife’s shop when he received another call from her asking him to meet them at the Federal Medical Center.

He said he arrived at his wife’s shop and upon inquiry, he was told that some NDLEA officials had come to their area to raid a drug joint.

He said while he was listening to an account of what happened, he sighted the NDLEA truck and immediately approached them and informed them that the stray bullet they fired had hit his son.

The distraught father said he took the initiative to turn on his phone camera so he could record his interaction with them. He claimed he was harrassed by the anti-drug operatives who cocked their gun at him as they kicked against him filming them. He said the officers then entered their patrol van and immediately left the scene. 

Omohrina said it was this point that he began to pursue them. 

He dismissed claims made by the NDLEA officials that his son was killed via accidental discharge. The distraught father also mentioned that his second son who suffered an injury in his eyes during the incident, was wheeled into the theater at about 12pm on Thursday night July 13 and did not come out until 12am July 14.