“Your mother’s age mate” – 21-year-old boy abandons school to be with sugar mummy, dad catches him at her house

A Nigerian father nabbed his 21-year-old son whom he sent to school at his sugar mummy’s house and his reaction was so emotional.

The frustrated father in a trending video vented his pain over the fact that his son chose to be with a woman old enough to be his mother.

Despite threatening to involve the police if he refuses to follow his father home, the boy remained adamant and rather chose to be with the woman.

He went ahead to say ‘school na scam’ and he doesn’t want to go to school. The boy’s sugar mummy in her reaction, said the boy is an adult since he’s over 18.

@cjxyz reacted: “He must be under a spell!”

@D_KryptonianX said:“So them no fit organize boys from that side make them give the boy beating wey go send am back to factory setting… in On God, una dey dull me oh. That guy for don collect Olot of slaps… Emphasis on the Olot.”

@TilleThomas said:“This is acting na, cos no matter what the boy would have received Auto factory reset touches that even the sugar mama will be cooperating.”

@OkomisoJoe said:“The idea school na scam gets me furious each time I hear a young person saying that.”

@EbereAmani commented: “The man don vex. I just hope this is not acting, because it is wrong in every aspect. The woman no get joy, and she is not seeing that what she is doing to the boy is wrong.”

@Engrvalentine2 commented:“The man d talk too much…my popsi go drag you comot there and that sugar mummy will not dare to hold him back swear with my life, you will fear my dad cos of his features and doings.”

Watch the video below: