Brilliant kids speaks proper Queen’s British English, video goes viraL.

A viral video showcased brilliant students speaking fluent Queen’s British English as they hilariously corrected mispronunciations.

Clad in uniforms, the kids effortlessly pronounced words like “fuel” and “policeman,” evoking laughter from viewers.

Impressed Nigerians commended the students’ impeccable language skills and praised their teacher for the evident effort invested in their training.

A Nigerian educator, dedicated to teaching children fluent British English, shared a video featuring students demonstrating correct pronunciation.

In the clip, the kids adeptly rectified mispronunciations of words such as “gateman,” “policeman,” “father,” “biscuit,” and “fuel.”

Taking turns, they playfully imitated incorrect pronunciations before confidently providing the accurate ones.

The video garnered significant attention, prompting individuals to express their thoughts in the comment section.

See some reactions below: 

chinwennaocha: “Don’t say faaada 😂😂, say Fatherr!”

Mereeee: “Don’t say fadaaa”

Uche: “Chewsday”

Collinswrld_: “Don’t Say Fuel, Say Fill omo Naija no dey carry last.”

Queen__shankees‎: “It’s the okay at the end for me. The man is tired.”

Lbankzzzz: “As much as i find comedy in your videos. These young ladies are so poised, well spoken and they have beautiful accents.”

BlackEnglishman: “Thanks and God bless you. I appreciate your kind words.”

Pretty miracle: ‎”Flew keh una no fit correct me.”