Woman reportedly gets N1m for mourning passionately at funeral

During the burial ceremony of her late father in Nigeria’s southeastern region, a Nigerian woman reportedly received a considerable sum of N1 million (One Million Naira).

The generous gesture left onlookers speechless as the incident transpired in the woman’s hometown, capturing the attention of many via a video that rapidly went viral on social media sites.

According to eyewitnesses, the funeral ritual was extensive and spectacular, matching the late patriarch’s illustrious stature.

The woman and her siblings, united in their sadness, gathered to pay their respects to their late father.

The woman can be seen in the front of the funeral procession, proudly holding a portrait of her late father, in the video that has captivated the attention of numerous people.

As mourners surrounded her, she began to dance, expressing genuine passion and a deep connection to her family’s tradition.

It was at this point that two men, assumed to be her brothers, walked forward to present a significant gift to their sister.

They presented her with a set of exquisite wrappers, indicating respect and appreciation for her status as the ‘Ada,’ the first daughter of the house, in accordance with traditional norms.