Meta’s Threads app launches in 100 countries, hitting 10 million users in 7 hours

Threads rolled out on July 5, 2023, for iOS and Android users in more than 100 countries, including African nations.

This milestone makes Threads the fastest-growing consumer offering, with a user base of 10 million in a day. For context, OpenAI hit this milestone in 40 days with the release of ChatGPT, while Instagram took 2.5 months to reach 1 million downloads.

Threads is a text-based conversation app, as opposed to Instagram, which is a photo-sharing platform. 

You sign in to Threads using your Instagram username. You can modify your profile for Threads while keeping your Instagram username and verification. 

If you like, you can import your Instagram bio and photo. If you follow someone on Threads who you already follow on Instagram, you will automatically follow them when they join Threads.

Every person under 16 or 18 years, depending on the country, who signs up for Threads will have a private profile by default. 

With Threads, you can interact with friends and creators who share your interests and follow them, including those you already follow elsewhere and on Instagram. This feature is similar to Instagram. 

Besides, you control who can mention or respond to you in Threads. Like Instagram, you can add hidden words to your threads to exclude replies containing specific words. 

You can block, restrict, unfollow, or report a profile on Threads by tapping the three-dot menu. Also, any accounts you have blocked on Instagram will be blocked on Threads.

However, the microblogging platform comes with an intriguing caveat: deleting a Threads account terminates the linked Instagram account.

Further, Threads opens to a simple feed that looks like Twitter’s home timeline. Unlike Twitter’s feed, Threads compiles suggested posts from across the network. 

At this point, this feature is a helpful way to stay up to date with what is going on with the app. 

There is currently no way to message anyone directly or view a feed that only shows the users you are following. There are no edit buttons, hashtags, or other search options besides user handles. 

Unlike most Twitter users, who are limited to 280 characters, Threads users can post posts with up to 500 characters and upload videos up to five minutes long. Posts can also be shared on other platforms as