Safaricom enables payments with internet bundles

Safaricom customers can now use internet bundles for payments.

With this new development, millions of customers can use their internet data balance to pay for goods and services. This means customers can incur lesser charges with data payments, than traditional payment methods. 

The new payment option: Introducing “Lipa na Data”, users with a data balance of 5GB and above can conveniently make payments at shopping outlets by dialling *544*34# and using Paybill or till numbers. If a user’s data balance is below 5GB, they will be notified that they are not eligible for the service.

Both Safaricom post-pay customers having a data balance of 5GB and above, and prepaid customers with no expiry bundles exceeding 5GB can access this service provision. For pricing, Ksh500 ($3.57) is equivalent to 7.7GB. This could mean that customers could pay more as 8GB of data on Safaricom presently costs Ksh1,000—although this option also includes 400 minutes of talk time or 1,000 SMSes.

Zoom out: The introduction of this service complements Safaricom’s existing range of payment plans within the M-Pesa e-wallet. These include direct payments from user deposits and the Fuliza overdraft service, used by customers facing insufficient deposits to cover their purchase costs.