Google will add generative AI to search

Google’s Bard generative AI service might not be siloed off into its own separate website for very long.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal(Opens in a new tab), Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that the company will eventually incorporate large language models (or LLMs) directly into Google search. Pichai didn’t give a firm timeline for when this would happen or explain precisely how it would work, but Microsoft’s Bing AI search function could be a clue as to how Google’s AI search could operate.

Pichai did tell WSJ that Google is testing out the ability to ask follow-up questions after an initial search query, so that’s something.

This development is significant because, as of now, Google’s generative AI chatbot Bard lives in a separate webpage that doesn’t really interact with the company’s flagship search engine. Bard is still in its testing phase and users need to sign up for a waitlist to try it out. Given that Bard has notoriously gotten information wrong in some queries, it might be a while before Google feels comfortable rolling it into the main search page.