Twitter changed its logo to Doge. The internet reacted by laughing at (not with) Elon Musk.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for a preposterous $43 billion and things have gotten stranger every day since. Frankly, it’s all too much to summarize but it has been one weird, shortsighted decision after the next with Musk at the helm.

The latest oddity? Musk has swapped out the Twitter logo with Doge, the dog meme of which the billionaire is super fond. In the upper left corner of your browser, while on Twitter, it is now a shiba inu instead of a bird. Sure, why not? It’s not any less weird than, well, anything else Musk does. It’s lame, yes, but so is most of what he finds funny.

Musk first posted an old meme about the change.

He then followed that tweet up with a screenshot of an old exchange he had about the change. Basically, he long admitted this would be very funny to him, which is wildly cringey.

In short: Everyone was laughing at Musk not with him. It’s just such a strange, weird, unfunny thing to do. The man can flush $43 billion down the toilet as much as he wants, but this is such a lame way to do it. Musk is basically turning Twitter in jokes that weren’t really all that funny back when they were popular in like…2011. These are the kind of jokes people half-chuckled at back when everyone was unironically calling everything “epic.”

Musk is actually being sued by investors claiming he pumped up(Opens in a new tab) Dogecoin’s value — the crypto using the meme — at the expense of other investors. And yet, here we are, with Doge as Twitter’s logo two days after April Fools’ Day. Par for the course with Musk’s version of Twitter.