CPPE sets economic agenda for President-elect, Tinubu

Centre for the Promotion of Private Enterprise, CPPE, has set a key economic agenda for President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The economic think tank group urged that the incoming administration must succeed in its needs to act fast.

According to a statement on Sunday by CPPE’s Director, Muda Yusuf, the government should be ready to tackle macroeconomic issues, establish adequate economic governance, and ensure fiscal consolidation.

Yusuf added that ensuring foreign exchange policy reforms, industrialization, trade and tariff reforms, agricultural reforms, oil & gas sector reforms, financial sector reforms, and regulatory reforms should be sacrosanct.

He noted that adequate policy changes in the core sectors would bring the required economic prosperity to the country.

“The administration should establish quality economic governance consistent with tested economic principles, empirical evidence and contextualized within socio-economic peculiarities. From the onset of the administration, signalling and investors’ confidence is critical. An excellent economic governance framework would entail the following:

“Setting up a Transition Committee on the Economy to come up with propositions of what needs to be done differently and ensure the delivery of quick wins in the administration’s first month.

“Technically sound economic team to give guidance and direction on general financial policy direction, policy conceptualization and urgent reforms.

“An economy with a level playing field for all players with a transparent economic policy formulation process. A Competitive economic environment with minimum monopoly dominance.

“Expand the role of markets for value delivery and boosting private enterprise in the Economy. State institutions cannot manage enterprises.

“Robust monitoring and evaluation framework to regularly review the effectiveness and impact of economic policies and regulatory practices.

“Robust and regular stakeholder engagement by key government agencies to ensure proper alignment of policies with investors’ sentiments.

“Tested technocrats should head government institutions that play technical roles”.