Google’s Clock app now lets you record your own alarm sound

Google’s clock app for Android has plenty of sound options to set as an alarm. If you don’t like the default tone, you can use a song or a podcast from Spotify or YouTube Music (only if you have a premium subscription), too – and Google now also allows you to record a voice clip and set that as an alarm tone as well.

This feature was first noticed by’s Mishaal Rahman. As he noted, this is a server-side push, so as long as you are using Clock app version 7.3, you should see this feature without updating the app.

Rahman also notes that this feature works only on Pixel phones or devices where users have sideloaded the Google Recorder app. But it’s possible that Google could roll out the voice clip as an alarm feature to all devices in the future, as long as they have a recorder app.

It could be a way to prank someone by changing their usual alarm tone with a recorded clip while they are looking away. Or a more productive use case would be to remind you of something right when you get up. But it would be freaky to hear your own voice first thing in the morning.

This new feature definitely joins the league of weird alarm apps. We have seen apps like Wakie, which lets you wake up strangers; Mircosoft’s Micimcker, which forced you to ape expressions to silence the alarm; or the Doomsday Alarm clock, which lets you set up apocalyptic scenarios to wake up