Stephen Colbert explains free speech as simply as possible for Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has poked fun at Elon Musk in his Thursday night monologue, ragging on his impressive mishandling of Twitter, surprisingly poor understanding of business, and foul bachelor bedside table loaded with caffeine-free diet Coke and guns.

Musk recently mused whether Apple “hate[s] free speech” after the company reportedly suspended the majority of its advertising on Twitter. (It was far from the only advertiser to do so.) Though he and Apple CEO Tim Cook have since patched up their relationship, Musk’s insinuation still speaks volumes about his failure to comprehend both free speech and business.

“Elon, Elon, Elon,” tutted Colbert. “Free speech means the government can’t tell you what to say. It doesn’t mean people have to give you money no matter what you say. I know you’re mad at them, but they don’t hate free speech. They’re mad at you because you freed hate speech.”