Bundle partners with 3Air to improve internet connectivity in Nigeria

Bundle, a social payment app for cash and crypto, is partnering with 3air, the world’s first blockchain platform that brings millions of unconnected users online and into blockchain and crypto. They also solve the connectivity issues faced in Africa using a proprietary solution that provides high-speed broadband internet wirelessly.

On the 31st of September 2022, Bundle announced this revolutionary partnership with 3Air which would be in two phases. Bundle’s decision to partner with 3air ties into their proven connectivity solutions infrastructure, which helps ensure that underserved communities can truly be connected to the global economy.

As a result of this, more users will be able to enter the blockchain and DeFi space, thereby increasing the potential reach for Bundle to an even wider global audience.

According to Bundle CEO, Emmanuel Babalola”

“As a fast-growing continent that has also become a tech hub in recent years, it is amazing to see that only 39% of Africans have access to the internet. With innovations like digital currencies – the need for access to affordable, fast and reliable broadband internet cannot be over-emphasized for the growth of the African economy. As a result,  collaboration with companies like 3air who provide this solution on the blockchain will connect the next billion Africans to the internet and further allow for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies on the continent. We are proud to be a part of this revolution and look forward to more ground-breaking partnerships like this. ”

Bundle Partners with 3Air to improve internet connectivity in Nigeria

Some of the notable features of the 3air ecosystem include:

  • High-speed broadband Internet — K3 Telecom’s Last Mile solution is the backbone of 3air’s connectivity service. It delivers high-speed broadband internet with up to 1GBPS, TV entertainment and IP Telephony. With a range of 50 km per K3 tower, entire cities can be connected with only a few towers without digging cables and infrastructure in the ground.
  • Broadband Mesh Network — Using a decentralized network of access point operators (nodes), the reach of 3air’s network is increased through its ecosystem participants. Access Point Operators are rewarded for extending and maintaining a stable and secure network for users.
  • Easy to use — Onboarding new users onto the network is simple, with on-the-ground locations and cash on-ramp and off-ramp solutions for simple transitions into the ecosystem.

Commenting on the partnership, Sandi Bitenc the CEO of 3air said:

Bundle has achieved extraordinary growth in a very short time. I am convinced that by combining 3air’s connectivity solution and Bundle’s ability to make buying and selling crypto seem easy for such a wide audience, we will be able to onboard millions of new users into the broader crypto ecosystem. Both Bundle and 3air share a vision of empowering users to experience the future of finance, and we’re proud to take the next step on that journey together

3air’s operations in Nigeria commence on September 22, with 3air’s token available for purchase on several exchanges. On-the-ground operations in Nigeria are planned for Q1-2023, where 3air plans to begin building the infrastructure to provide high-speed connectivity in Nigeria.