A mysterious missile struck Poland. 

Amid a barrage of Russian attacks on Ukraine, one missile struck Poland and killed two people. The explosion is raising alarms because Poland is a member of NATO, and an attack on one NATO country would compel all the others to join the fight. But it’s not clear whether this missile actually came from Russia. Poland said it was a Russian-made missile, while President Biden, who convened an emergency meeting of world powers following the missile strike, said it was “unlikely” that Russia fired it.

 FTX is really popular…among regulators. The bankrupt crypto exchange said in court documents it’s been in contact with “dozens” of regulatory authorities around the globe, which are prying into the shady business practices that led to FTX’s epic collapse. As all that’s going down, FTX revealed it could have more than 1 million creditors who are owed money that it doesn’t have. Former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has reportedly been trying to raise funds to “make users whole,” per the WSJ.

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