Ghana Deports 16 Nigerians Over Alleged Involvement In Cybercrimes

At least 16 Nigerians have been deported by Ghana’s Financial and Intelligence Agency over their alleged involvement in cybercrimes in their country.

The Controller of the Seme Command, Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, Dr Chukwu Emeka during a news conference on Friday said it was discovered during investigations that most of them left Nigeria to other West African countries through illegal routes. 

He also revealed that some of the some deportees were into the criminal activities due to get- rich syndrome among the youths.

According to Emeka, these are young Nigerians, who claimed that they were deceived or intentionally went out of the country in search of greener pastures.

“Ghana’s Financial and Intelligence Agency accused them of cybercrimes but from our preliminary investigation, we discovered that some of them were lured into these criminal activities due to the get-rich syndrome our youths are developing.

“Some of them are victims in the sense that they were deceived that they can make money if they leave Nigeria. Unfortunately, they don’t get the actual thing they bargained for in Ghana.

“Further investigation also showed that most of them left the country through illegal routes or through the sea to other West African countries.

“We also discovered that most of them travelled without genuine travel documents, so when they got to Ghana they became prey to the authorities.

“The Comptroller General of NIS, Mr Idris Jere, has always advised Nigerians to get genuine travellers’ documents before leaving the country.

“Yes, we are part of the ECOWAS treaty of free movement and goods within the sub-region, the condition is that you must enter those countries through a legitimate route and with the right travel documents.

“It is also important to have definite means of livelihood, if not; by the time you get there, they will see you as a public charge and they will return you to your country,” he said.

He said that it was painful to see young Nigerians getting involved in some unholy activities when they were supposed to be building their talents for their future.

Emeka urged Nigerians to always travel with valid documents, adding that they should live and do their businesses according to the law of the land they had travelled to.

He said that the Government of Ghana had contacted the Seme Command of NIS that they would be repatriating more Nigerians soon.

The controller promised to return those already repatriated to their families after NIS must have concluded its investigation. 

Sahara Reporters