Say no to subscription fees with this hardware VPN.

Pay a one-time fee for VPN protection forever.

By 2025, some estimate that cybercrime will cost the world $10 trillion. The same studies coming to that mind-boggling figure also noted a real risk to the personal data of web users, which may be compromised and sold. As scary as it sounds, there are things you can do to help protect your personal data. With a hardware VPN(opens in a new tab) like Deeper Connect Pico, you could conceal your browsing and your data from third parties. 

This sale has a ton of awesome deals(opens in a new tab), including the Deeper Connect Pico and WiFi Adapter on sale for $199.99(opens in a new tab). No annual fees or subscriptions like some software VPNs. Just smooth browsing and better privacy. Sale ends October 12 at 11:59 pm PST — no coupon code needed. 

Pay once and get safer browsing for life 

VPNs aren’t new, but the technology has gotten better and cheaper to the point that more than one-fifth of internet users use a VPN. Pico is a little different from many VPNs because it’s an actual device you can hold in your hand. Just plug it in, connect, and see it in action. 

Pico removes geographical restrictions on content(opens in a new tab) including many streaming services, and blocks ads while giving you access to blockchain mining, parental controls, and a safer internet experience while you travel. Take Pico with you on the road so you should be able to connect to public WiFi without worrying. And for the family, parental controls are quick to manage from your and are made to help you block dangerous or inappropriate content. You’ll also get access to a seven-layer firewall to protect your entire network from potential threats. 

A decentralized VPN that you only pay for once 

Normally, the Deeper Connect Pico(opens in a new tab) would cost $248, but during Deal Days ending at 11:59 pm PST on October 12, it’s 19% off at only $199.99.