Sendy is packing up one of its products and 54 employees.

The Kenyan startup announced that it is letting go of Sendy Supply—its product through which general retailers purchase stock at competitive prices from multiple suppliers and manufacturers. Alongside this product, it will also let go of 54 employees—20% of its 270-man team. 

This is coming three months after the company laid off 10% of its 300 employees to cut operation costs.


It seems Sendy Supply was not supplying to enough people. 

It wasn’t having as much market impact as the Sendy hence the change of focus to its other product, Sendy Fulfillment. Sendy Fufillment enables online brands and large e-commerce brands to store and distribute their products. With a sole focus on this product, Sendy can double down on the massive opportunities in solving challenges that businesses in the digital commerce space—warehousing, packaging and last-mile delivery.

Change is profitable

Sendy is unafraid of change, as far as profits are concerned. 

Two weeks ago, it morphed into a B2B business by announcing that one of its products, Sendy Transport, will exclusively be used by businesses. At the point of this transition, its other two products, Sendy Transport and Sendy Fulfillment, were focused on businesses. Insiders say the company is evolving to increase its profitability.