Amazon quietly released a new 16GB Kindle Paperwhite.

Get double the storage of the original Paperwhite for just $10 more.

TL;DR: Amazon just released a new Kindle Paperwhite(opens in a new tab) with double the storage for only $10 more than the original model.

As it turns out, the new 6-inch Kindle wasn’t the only e-reader Amazon unveiled last week. It also secretly released a new 16GB version of its Kindle Paperwhite(opens in a new tab) from 2021.

Priced at $149.99, or just $10 more than the original 8GB Paperwhite(opens in a new tab), the updated model’s doubled capacity will allow you to fit thousands more books in your virtual library. It otherwise retains all of the same features, including a 6.8-inch display that looks fantastic under any lighting, weeks-long battery life, a waterproof design, an adjustable warm light, a 10-week battery life, and a flawless form factor fit for one-handed readers.

This is a simple but welcome update that brings last year’s Paperwhites up to speed with the new standard Kindle lineup. Plus, it’s an excellent alternative to splurging on the 32GB Paperwhite Signature Edition(opens in a new tab) ($189.99). You won’t get the wireless charging feature, but regardless, the 16GB Paperwhite is certainly the better deal.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a “nearly perfect” e-reader, according to Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry. And unlike the new 6-inch Kindle, which won’t be released until Oct. 12, the 16GB Paperwhite is already available at Amazon(opens in a new tab).

If you’re looking to upgrade from an older Kindle that lost the ability to browse, borrow, or buy books directly from the Kindle Store last month, both new releases are solid options that won’t break the bank.