North will gain more under Peter Obi presidency – Sen Annie Okonkwo

Former lawmaker, Sen Annie Okonkwo, says Northerners will gain more than others in a Peter Obi presidency because of his antecedents.

Okonkwo disclosed this over the weekend as the chairman of the eminent diaspora dinner for Obi and his strategists in Los Angeles, USA.

He said Obi had made a public commitment to make the North the pride of Nigeria’s centre for food production.

He said: “It will be deeply regrettable if our desperate search for transformational leadership is again allowed to be kidnapped by emotions of ethnic and religious discuss, then marshall plans for rescue and revival, at this time of grave national perils.

“The good side is that an empowered North will save Nigeria from hunger and starvation, poverty and penury.

“Agriculture will generate employment that will bring security and expand decent livelihoods. Secondly, from the blessings of those vast arable lands, will come the silver bullet for our quicker economic recovery, far greater than oil and gas in the South.”

He warned those hoping to win by rigging to perish the thoughts and play by the rules or dare severe consequences.