Twitter Circle is finally live globally, meaning deeper subtweets for all.

Just remember that tweets are never truly private.

Twitter Circle is rolling out to everyone globally today, giving users the option to restrict individual tweets to a select audience. This new Twitter feature could finally let you retire your secret depression account — provided you’re careful about selecting your Twitter Circle when writing your sad tweets.

Now available on iOS, Android, and desktop, Twitter Circle allows you to create an exclusive cohort of up to 150 followers, letting you tweet missives visible only to them. People who aren’t part of your Twitter Circle won’t see any tweets you share with it, nor will they have any indication that such posts exist.

Meanwhile, those who are part of your Circle will see a green badge beneath Circle-exclusive tweets. They will be able to reply and like Circle tweets as normal, though retweets will understandably be disabled. This should go a long way to prevent tweets intended for your long-time followers from going viral to millions of strangers.

Of course, there’s still nothing stopping members of your trusted Twitter group from screenshotting your Circle tweets and putting your terrible House of the Dragon takes on blast. As such, it remains good practice to never tweet anything you don’t want widely known. It’s even better practice to simply never tweet.

But at least then you’ll know that some of your closest Twitter confidants are actually filthy snakes.Twitter first began testing Circle this May, enabling it for a limited number of users globally. This small group of test users was subsequently expanded in July, but today will be the first time everybody on Twitter will be able to check out the feature.

Though they bear some similarities, Twitter Circle isn’t to be confused with Super Follows. While both features allow you to restrict some tweets to a smaller audience, Twitter Circle is free and allows you to curate your tweet recipients yourself. In contrast, Super Follows allows anyone who pays a subscription fee to view your Super Follower-exclusive tweets.