5 Nigerian celebrities accused of bleaching their skin after fame.

Skin bleaching has long been a source of contention among people of colour. Some argue that skin bleaching is only necessary for people who are unhappy with their natural skin colour and are self-conscious about their appearance. However, another school of thought contends that people should be free to do whatever they want to feel and look better.

Regardless of the arguments for and against skin bleaching, it appears to be a trend that isn’t going away, particularly among dark people with a penchant for appearing light-skinned.

Surprisingly, a new term for bleaching has been coined amid the raging debate. Skin bleaching, as opposed to the more refined term Skin Toning, seems almost archaic nowadays.

However, in cosmetology, skin toning simply refers to the use of toners to cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of pores, blackheads, and other imperfections.

Many practices involve skin lightening/whitening, which is the use of harsh chemicals to change the colour of one’s skin.

Today, we look at some popular Nigerian celebrities who were previously known to have dark skin before dramatically lightening. Perhaps these people felt compelled to act because of persistent rumours that light-skinned people have a better chance of success than dark ones, particularly in the entertainment industry.

Take a look at them below:

Makinwa, Toke

Ojo Iyabo

Morgan, Cynthia

Daramola, Foluke


Remember that the ten years challenge was a popular trend on social media a few months ago? The movement entertained people by creating a photo collages of themselves now and ten years ago.

Many people jumped on the trend because it demonstrated the obvious growth that had occurred in their lives, and celebrities were not left out.

Several Nigerian entertainers who participated in the movement impressed some of their fans while shocking others with the obvious difference in their appearance.

Some fans even speculated that some celebrities had used creams to lighten their skin tone, while others claimed that the camera’s quality and the presence of light were likely to blame for their lighter skin tone in the photos.

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