Zelenskyy slams Ukrainian officials for revealing tactics; details of Crimea airbase blasts emerge.

Cities in eastern Ukraine and the area around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant came under renewed Russian shelling overnight, local officials said, prompting the U.N. to sound the alarm and demand a demilitarized zone around the facility.

U.K. intelligence has offered some analysis on the explosions that rocked Russia’s Saky airbase in Crimea, which Kyiv has not publicly taken credit for.

Anonymous Ukrainian officials cited by Western news outlets, however, have claimed Ukrainian responsibility for the attack, prompting President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to openly reprimand those who are leaking their country’s military tactics.

The organization overseeing the export of agricultural products from Ukraine said it has approved two more vessels to leave the besieged country.

The vessel Star Laura is carrying 60,150 metric tons of corn and is destined for Iran. The vessel Sormovskiy is carrying 3,050 metric tons of wheat and is destined for Turkey.

The Joint Coordination Center, an initiative of Ukraine, Russia, the United Nations and Turkey, also separately authorized the movement of two more ships from the port of Odesa for departure on Saturday, pending inspections.

Estonian Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur galvanized allies during a 24-nation meeting in Copenhagen to continue supporting Ukraine as the war-weary country fights back a full-scale Russian invasion.

“Estonia’s assistance to Ukraine has been significant, but we must not tire,” Pevkur said.

“I, therefore, appreciate the initiative of the allies to bring together the various contributors and find ways in which we can further support Ukraine by increasing the training provided to it and the production of European arms industries,” he added.

Estonia, NATO’s smallest member country, has given Ukraine nearly $250 million in military assistance since Russia invaded in late February. The Baltic country has delivered Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars and other equipment.

Pevkur also said that Estonia joined Germany in donating a field hospital and medical supplies worth nearly $10.2 million to Ukraine.

Kharkiv get hits with shelling overnight, city official says

Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv was hit with Russian shelling overnight, city administrator Oleh Sinegubov wrote in a post on Telegram.

“Last night, the Russians launched rocket attacks on Kharkiv,” his post said. “Four rockets were fired from Belgorod at once. At around 3am, two rockets hit an educational institution in the Slobid district.”

The post added details about specific infrastructure that was hit, including a road next to an administrative building and areas in villages around Kharkiv, though there were no casualties in the district. One 51-year-old woman was killed by the shelling in the western Zolochiv community, which is near Lviv, the post said.

CNBC was not able to independently verify the information.

By mid-March, Kharkiv’s population of 1.4 million had already dropped by 50% due to people fleeing the violence, Ukrainian officials said.