Want your kids to be the next tech bro? Here are 5 tech summer camps to consider.

We have done a roundup of the best available STEM-related programmes that parents, students and tech enthusiasts, in general, have been availing themselves of…

The long-awaited holidays are finally here. Although summer holidays are often a time for family visits, they are also a valuable time for parents to prepare their children for tomorrow. The tech ecosystem is rapidly expanding, so endowing your kids with the basic knowledge of current events in the tech space is not only beneficial for today but also for tomorrow.

Are you a parent/guardian looking for summer activities to help your children grow into the best they can be?

In this article, we have done a roundup of the best available STEM-related programmes that parents, students and tech enthusiasts, in general, have been availing themselves of and that your kids/wards can avail themselves of.

1. Center4Tech

Center4Tech was founded in 2014 to bridge the technological learning gap for Nigerian children. It has taught over 7,500 students in 10 Nigerian locations since its inception and has received support from Google, Union Bank, and other top brands.

Center4Tech is hosting its annual Technology Training Camp for primary and secondary school students this summer, dubbed “Young Inventors Summer.” The camp hopes to provide your children aged 5 to 19 with the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills they will need in this twenty-first century.

The Bootcamp programme includes a variety of courses from which students can choose, such as Electronic/Robotics Design and Coding. It is a four-week summer camp that runs from August 1 to August 26, 2022, with a course fee of 60,000-70,000 naira.

Check out more enquires for the summer camp here.


STEM-METS was founded in 2013 by Jadesola Adedeji and the late Dr Funmi Ogunwuyi in an effort to assist Nigerian children in developing skills required for the future workplace and the twenty-first century through early childhood education.

The Edtech firm has trained over 7000 students and hosted 60 workshops and 42 Holiday Camps since its inception.

STEM-METS is hosting a summer S.T.E.A.M camp in Nigeria for children aged 3 to 16. Creative Science and Engineering, Creative Design, and Creative Technology are the three themes of the camp.

The Bootcamp programme runs from August 8th to August 22nd, with a course fee ranging from 45,000 to 60,000 naira depending on the course.

Check out more enquires for the summer camp here.

3. TechQuest

TechQuest was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing Africa’s young pillars with the modern-day skills required for Africa’s digital emergence. It is a non-profit organisation that provides educational technology content, tools, and resources for the acquisition of ICT knowledge.

It has impacted over 33,000 young people worldwide, hosted 2200 workshops, and trained 673 STEM educators in 16 Nigerian states since its inception.

The Summer Camp at TechQuest STEM Academy will host its annual skill acquisition programme in 2022 to improve the digital capabilities of children and young adults. The curriculum for summer camp includes Online Safety, Robotics, Digital Electronics, and Web Development.

The Bootcamp programme costs 120,000 naira and includes physical training.

Check out more enquires for the summer camp here.

4. iSPACE club

iSPACE club was established as an ICT-related co-curricular programme with the goal of exposing Nigerian children and teenagers to the latest developments in the tech ecosystem.

The iSPACE club was formed to assist students to develop innovative and creative skills that will be useful in many areas of learning and problem solving from a young age.

The iSPACE Summer Code Camp 2022 will introduce students in primary and secondary school-aged 5 to 17 years to computer coding, robotics, drone technology, 3D design, artificial intelligence, and Mechatronics. The five-week programme begins on August 1st and ends on September 2nd.

Check out more enquires for the summer camp here.

5. Octigon Code Academy

Octigon Code Academy employs a well-structured and up-to-date curriculum to effectively stimulate young minds to focus on their areas of interest.

The academy focuses on teaching children and teenagers coding and digital skills, as well as collaborating with interested schools to include “coding and digital skills” in their traditional school curriculum.

The five-week summer camp programme will teach kids aged 7 to 16 years old coding and digital skills, such as how to build websites, apps, and games.

Introduction to AI, Animation, Robotics, Coding, and other topics will be covered in the curriculum. It begins on August 1st and ends on September 3rd.

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In all, it is about time to put these kids in a fun environment that will not only encourage their intellectual capacity but also help them gain knowledgeable experience.