9mobile launches safety app to improve security

9mobile, a telecommunications company, on Tuesday said it had launched a fully-embedded safety application ‘9mobile Safety App’ for smartphone users to improve security.

The Head of Products and Digital Services at 9mobile, Mr Aminu Sani, in a statement said that the 9mobile Safety App was launched due to the company’s safety concern for customers across the globe.

He said that the 9Mobile safety app was the first personal security app with hands-free and voice-activated SOS, fully integrated with emergency services (911) in more than 200 countries and territories.

Dani said, “The app had been programmed to trigger an emergency alarm by saying a code word that enables users to ensure that their loved ones are safe.”

He said that the safety app also offered live audio and video transmission in an emergency that enables friends, family, and law enforcement officers to know what was happening and who was involved.

Sani said that a real-time safety app like 9mobile Safety App was useful amidst the current insecurity challenges in the country.

“We launched 9mobile Safety App to help combat increased level of insecurity, gender-based violence, sexual assault, kidnapping and many others.

“With the app, users can keep track of their loved one’s whereabouts and call emergency services when stranded. This is part of our modest contributions to improve security in the country.

“The law enforcement agencies are doing their best, but as a vital stakeholder in the country, we introduced the app to help individuals protect themselves and loved ones,” he said.

Sani said that the app could be downloaded from the Google Play store.

He said that 9mobile created the safety app with American based UrSafe Technologies. (NAN)