Nigerian Association In UK, CANUK Mobilises Citizens To Register For NIN

CANUK was formed by the Nigeria High Commission in the United Kingdom in 2005 to unite the various Nigerian groups under one umbrella organisation.

The Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK) will, on May 21 hold its Annual General Meeting, saying it will ensure mass registration of people for the National Identification Number (NIN).

It is aimed at ensuring the welfare, views, and community interests of Nigerians in the UK are represented in a harmonious and organised manner and creating a forum where their voices could be heard.

A statement by the association said this year’s AGM will precede three other events including a Nigerian Cultural Day UK slated for August, an Independence Day seminar on October 1 and an end-of-the-year gala dinner scheduled for December 17.

According to the statement, the AGM will be held on a boat to mark the end of the virtual meetings precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event, according to the statement, is sponsored by Providus Bank, which will be offering CANUK delegates’ bank verification numbers (BVN) and opening accounts for them.

“This year’s AGM will kick off around 11am on Millbank Pier. Delegates will be treated to lunch aboard the boat which sails from just opposite Temple underground station along The Embankment in central London.

“Just a stone throw from the high commission, Temple Station is where Golden Sunrise will leave and then return to after sailing along the River Thames. Lasting from 11am until 5pm, this year’s AGM will come with light entertainment after deliberations conclude around 3pm,” the statement noted.

The general secretary of the Association, Titi Danso, said: “For the first time in the history of CANUK, we have decided to hold the AGM on the Rivers Thames. Providus Bank approached us to sponsor the event in exchange for them being given access to delegates to sell the idea of bank verification numbers (BVN) to them.

“This fits in with our idea of offering a range of goodies to those who are members of CANUK associations. Going forward, we are looking at offering our members a CANUK embossed credit card, a BVN, a discounted national identity number (Nin), discounted shopping at selected stores and maybe access to a Nigerian driver’s licence too.”

Olajumoke Ariyo, CANUK’s first vice chair, added: “It is now compulsory that you have a Nin before you are issued with a Nigerian passport, so CANUK has had to get involved. We are offering all our associations mass registration of their members at £35 each and have decided to extend this package to other areas for everyone who has a CANUK membership card.

“Once we have got the AGM out of the way, we will then seek to consolidate on our success by organising a Nigerian Cultural Day UK on August 27 that will display our rich culture to the whole world. When we are done with that, we will then finish off the year with an independence day seminar on October 1 and an end-of-the-year party in December.”

Canuk chairman Ayo Akinfe added: “When we started this journey, there were 35 associations in CANUK but by the time of our end-of-year party last year, we had got that number up to 70. By the AGM we will have 100 member associations and aim to make this 200 by the end of our tenure next year.

“One way in which we aim to achieve this goal is to launch Operation Alumni next year, whereby we will seek to recruit every single alumni association in the UK. Our vice-chair associations will be in charge of the operation and we hope that by this time next year, we have recruited at least 50 Nigerian alumni associations in the UK into CANUK.”

Source: Sahara Reporters.