Russian Invasion: Why Poland Is Turning Nigerians Fleeing Ukraine Back At Border—Travel Agents’ Union President

According to the President of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agents, Susan Akporiaye, the European country was turning some Nigerians back because instead of seeking a temporary stay in Poland before heading back to Nigeria or any other country of their choice, Nigerians were applying for asylum.

One of the major reasons why Poland is turning back Nigerians seeking refuge from Ukraine has been revealed.

She stated that going by the size of Poland compared to other countries around it sharing borders with Ukraine, it would not be able to accommodate the multitude of people fleeing there in search of refuge.
Akporiaye, who told SaharaReporters that their members had been getting requests for ticket bookings from Nigerians in that region willing to return home, added that a lot more citizens displaced by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military preferred to stay back in Europe rather than coming to Africa.
She said, “A lot of Nigerians fleeing Ukraine for Poland are going to seek asylum and that is why they are turning some of them back.

“The stay is supposed to be for around two weeks within which period individuals have the time to decide on their next move.
“Poland is a small country, it cannot accommodate the number of people coming into it except for a short stay.
“Those who went there are given forms to fill. If you indicate asylum, they turn you back but if you opt for a temporary stay, they let you in.
“Some Nigerians in that region have reached out to us to book flight tickets for them back home but the majority prefer to stay back in Europe because they feel the situation is better than that of Nigeria.”
Russia invaded Ukraine last week, targeting its military bases and key economic elements.
The invasion has led to hundreds of deaths, destruction and displacements with many countries around the world evacuating their citizens trapped in Ukraine.
Though the Nigerian Government has announced a string of measures to help citizens stranded in the conflict zone get to safer grounds, many Nigerians in that part of the world have largely had to take responsibility for their evacuation.

Source: Sahara Reporters.