Chelsea Owner, Abramovich’s Daughter Slams Putin Over Attack On Ukraine

Russia Thursday invaded Ukraine and on Friday, Putin called on the Ukrainian army to overthrow the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Sofia, the daughter of Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, on Friday knocked Vladimir Putin, Russian president, over the attack on neighbouring Ukraine.

Putin is particularly enraged by the prospect of NATO bases next to his borders and says Ukraine joining the US-led transatlantic alliance would mark the crossing of a red line.
Meanwhile, the US, UK and some other countries have announced sanctions against Russia.

The UK government imposed the “most punishing sanctions” to target Russian elites.
There are calls for the British government to seize Chelsea Football Club from owner Abramovich but his asset was not among UK’s list of targets.
There were suggestions that Abramovich, along with a host of other Russian oligarchs based outside the country, flew back to Moscow on Thursday.
However, Sofia Abramovich, who is the third daughter of Abramovich’’s seven children, shared her thoughts on Instagram stories, declaring that Putin, not the Russian people, wanted the war with Ukraine.
She added, “The biggest and most successful lie of the Kremlin’s propaganda is that most Russians stand with Putin.
“Since the western media has been talking a lot lately about the fact that Putin wants to invade Ukraine or something, which is totally nuts, I thought it might be a good time to remind that Russia is not Putin.”
According to Sofia, the invasion of Ukraine is a selfish move by President Putin and his friends and does not represent the thoughts of Russians.

Source: Sahara Reporters.