We’re Ready For War; No One Takes Our Land – Afghanistan Militant Group Dares Taliban

The Taliban took over Kabul, Afghanistan capital, on August 15 after the United States withdrew its troops from the country.

Amilitant group, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, is set to challenge the country’s occupation by the Taliban, saying it is ready to go to battle.

The armed group subsequently rebranded the country as Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

They are also currently working towards forming a new government. Many countries have evacuated their citizens from the nation over fear of attacks.

However, in an interview with BBC, head of foreign relations for NRF, Ali Nazary, said they are set for battle against the Taliban, stressing that no one would be allowed to conquer their land.

According to him, they prefer peace through negotiation, adding that if the Taliban fails to embrace peace, they would resort to using force.

“We prefer peace, we prioritise peace and negotiations. If this fails—if we see that the other side is not sincere, if we see that the other side is trying to force itself on the rest of the country—then we’re not going to accept any sort of aggression.

“And we’ve proven ourselves, our track record in the past [40 years] has shown that no one is able to conquer our region, especially the Panjshir Valley”, he said.

SaharaReporters had last week reported that how the Taliban were conducting ‘targeted door-to-door visits’ to find people who worked with US and NATO forces.

Taliban fighters had killed the relative of a Deutsche Welle journalist while searching for him, the German public broadcaster.

The reports have heightened fears that Afghanistan’s new rulers would renege on their pledge to refrain from acts of vengeance.

One in three people are food insecure in Afghanistan due to the combined effects of war and the consequences of global warming, said Mary-Ellen McGroarty, Afghanistan representative for the World Food Programme (WFP).

Source: Sahara Reporters.