#ENDSARS: Man Petitions Ogun Judicial Panel After Policemen Beat Him With Iron Rods, Sledge Hammers

He alleged that the officers broke his leg, amid series of torture he was subjected to for 11 days.

Ayoung man has petitioned the Chairman, Judicial Panel of Investigation in Ogun State seeking justice over the inhumane treatment meted out to him by officials of the banned Special Anti-Robbery Squad at Magbon area.

He noted that he was arrested by the defunct SARS officers on the request of a man who slept with his (the victim’s) wife with charms.

He alleged that the officers broke his leg, amid series of torture he was subjected to for 11 days.

According to him, officers tortured detainees with sledgehammers of various sizes, iron rods among others forcing untrue confessions from suspects.

He said he was tortured to the point that he confessed to a crime he knew nothing about and named other people so as to escape the pain.

His petition read, “On June 2, 2020, at about 02:17am, my wife called and told me some unknown fully armed, huge men burst our house looking for me as they searched and scattered everywhere in the house while I was on night duty in Sagamu as a fire service official.

“When I came back from work, I tried to find out who they could’ve been but there was no means of identification as they didn’t disclose where they came from to my wife whom they met naked in the house after they broke the door to the room in order to gain access to our house.

“I didn’t hear anything from them until June 14 when someone who was supposed to be an accused turned to the complainant and brought SARS to arrest me having claimed I was threatening to kill him; that I was a cultist.

“The man called Seun Akinwande slept with my wife and asked my wife to connive with him so they could kill my daughter to make money and so that they could marry. I confronted him with this on Whatsapp and physically. He was the one who paid SARS N170,000 to deal with me.

“SARS officials took me to my rented apartment, searched and scattered everywhere in my house as they were asking where I kept my gun, and I told them I didn’t have any gun. They collected my phone but when they didn’t see anything, they began to threaten they would kill me.

“Whereas, the person who complained to them is the adulterer who has been taking advantage of my wife with the influence of God-knows-what because according to my wife, whatever happened between them is like a dream.

“They handcuffed me and took me to Ayetoro Police Station. One of them beat me with an iron rod but after some minutes they drove me to Magbon, Abeokuta, on our way, one of the officers that took me to Abeokuta asked me to open my phone which I did, he heard the confession voice notes of my wife but he said the voice notes were nothing, we got there at about 12am in the midnight. They dropped me and put me to cell and drove off to Ayetoro immediately.

“They began asking me questions like; where’s your gun? Who killed that man in the video? Are you a cultist? All sorts of questions but when I told them I had nothing doing with all those things, then they began to give me serious torture using sledge hammers, different types of iron rods to the extent that I was just managing to talk.”

The victim said he became so weak that he was bleeding from many parts of his body.

“After I was tortured for about two hours and 45 minutes and I began to lie against myself and my immediate brother, mentioning names that came to my mind because I never wanted to die. Then I fainted, so they just called two guys from the cell to carry me inside. That was where they used my hand for thumbprint in the statement they wrote when they were torturing me.

“So my family later found out that I was taken to Magbon; my sister and my wife came on the 18th but they told them to go and bring N300,000 for my bail. After that, what I noticed was they didn’t allow anybody to see me again. Since the day my sister came, maybe because I was too wounded to be seen the way I was, because my left leg is almost condemned, my sister and wife who saw me were crying uncontrollably.

“In fact as I write this, I am still nursing something unknown in the leg, my chest and my back. So, after a long time of negotiations, they later collected N100,000 from my sister, even apart from the money for bail, their second-in-command collected money personally from my sister.

“I was released on Friday, June 26, 2020. Meanwhile I was arrested June 14. I landed in the hospital for treatment the second day that I was released and I spent six days in the hospital. The pictures I took after I was released are still with me; my wife’s confession records are with me too. The man gave her juju poison to put in my food to kill me so that she would be his and they would then use my daughter for money ritual.

“Magbon was hell on earth and Muhammed Tijani was the devil and chief executioner. They didn’t care about the truth, they always went for the highest bidders, and the least money they collect for bail was N50,000. The place where they tortured me as I heard from those I met in the cell was where they do their killings anytime there was a victim. And I must note that I was chained and handcuffed while they tortured me.

“When I was released, they didn’t release my ring, shoes, money and my necklace. Even my phone was released the seventh day after I was released. I had to come back for my phone. I strongly plead for justice,” he added.

Source: Sahara Reporters.