Group Calls On Nigerian Government To Ban Facebook

The group noted that despite making millions of dollars from Nigeria, Facebook wants to dictate to the people of the country how to speak and write.

A group has called on the Nigerian Government to permanently ban Facebook in the country, for denial of free speech and limitation of followership on the platform. 

A video posted on social media shows some young boys carrying placards with different inscriptions, in front of the Federal Ministry of Justice in Abuja. A voice in the background of the video says the protesters were at the Ministry to submit petitions against Facebook. 

He said Facebook should be banned, stressing that they cannot be controlling their speech.

“Guys, as you can see we have visited the Federal Ministry of Justice to report the activities of Facebook and highlight the need for Facebook to be banned permanently in Nigeria.

“They should be banned, they cannot be controlling speech and be telling us what to say or what not to say. They will be deciding the voice that will be heard and the one that should not be heard. I don’t even care if they strike my page down (sic), they can go to hell. The country comes first before any gain from social media. As you can see, this is the Ministry of Justice, we just submitted the petition over there right now and we are heading to the Ministry of Information (and Culture). 

“This is Federal Ministry of Justice, enough of nonsense. As you can see, our placards say: ban Facebook in Nigeria, stop the censorship now, sharing the confessional statement of a terrorist is not hate speech. 

“These things happen because these guys gave me a strike for sharing a confessional statement of a terrorist. Then who is Facebook to decide what is hate speech and how is confessional statement hate speech?

“Not only that they have limited the reach of my page, I am not just saying it’s about me, it’s about every other Nigerian that has been banned on this platform by Facebook. 

“Meanwhile, they are making millions of dollars from Nigeria yet they want to dictate to us how we will speak, what we will, and what we will put out. It’s not going to happen, we are not going to allow that. We have the power and we are going to use it. They need to be spoken to in the language they understand,” he added. 

The Nigeria government recently suspended Twitter indefinitely, after the company deleted a controversial statement tweeted by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Source: Sahara Reporters.